How to Buy a Classic Pre-Loved Chanel Bag for a Good Price

Chanel Price Increases

Chanel prices for their classic flap bags keep going up, and up, and up. A new Chanel classic medium flap bag now retails for £5,500 in the UK.

Chanel Prices in the UK as of December 2020

As of December 2020, here are the UK prices for the mini and classic Chanel flaps. For those reading from the US, this is the full price including VAT (aka, tax).

  • Mini Square Flap: £3,070
  • Mini Rectangle Flap: £3,210
  • Small Flap: £5,040
  • Tweed Medium Flap: £5,230
  • Medium Flap: £5,500
  • Jumbo Flap: £6,050
  • Maxi Flap: £6,510

Price Increases on Pre-Loved Platforms

Prices for classic Chanel bags on established pre-loved platforms aren’t what they used to be as both demand and platform commissions are high.

It seems covetable classics such as a “Beige Clair” medium flap in caviar leather sell at a fairly marginal discount relative to retail pricing considering it’s a pre-owned bag.

What is a “Fair” Price for a Pre-Loved Chanel Bag?

This is somewhat a matter of opinion and I suppose varies by style. Some “unicorn” Chanel bags will, of course, resale above retail pricing. Personally, I aim for 40-55% off the retail price for a pre-owned bag in “very good” condition, meaning it’s been worn but well-maintained.

In my view, corner wear and stains or colour transfer on the exterior of the bag are big no nos that bring the bag down to go “good” rather than “very good.” I’m okay with say, a few not to deep scratches on the interior of the bag or even a bit of wear to the finish of the signature “CC” clasp (that’s easily repairable, corner wear can be more complicated).

Buying a Pre-Loved Chanel Bag via a Resale Platform vs an Individual Reseller

If you’re confident in your ability to reliably authenticate a bag, one way to purchase a pre-loved bag at a more competitive price is by purchasing directly from sellers. There are now thousands of resellers who operate via social media, their own website, or through Facebook groups. Since the seller doesn’t have to pay a listing fee or commission to the resale platform, buyers benefit from a lower price.

The downside to buying direct is, of course, liability. While there are many wonderful, honest resellers who run bustling small businesses via Instagram, there are, unfortunately, some bad apples in the mix as well.

How to Find a Pre-Loved Chanel Bag for a Good Price on Resale Platforms

If you prefer to purchase through a pre-loved platform that offers authentication services and sometimes a return and refund policy, there are still some deals to had.

Patent leather Chanel bags trade at a discount relative to caviar or lambskin leather. Patent leather seems rather divisive, you either love it or hate it. I wouldn’t purchase patent leather for an everyday bag, but I think it’s a nice option for an occasional use or night time bag. This olive green mini square flap is a versatile choice. If you’re after a classic, consider this Patent Calfskin Quilted Mini Rectangular Flap or mini square flap. Both are classic Chanel beige are well-priced.

Seasonal bags can sometimes be similar to the classic flap design. If you’re open-minded, I like the Filigree flap for a dressier vibe and the timeless CC logo flap for a more casual crossbody bag. Both are in durable caviar leather.

Coloured bags such as burgundy, green, blue, silver and salmon tend to be a better bargain. You’d be surprised how versatile some colours can be. Have a look at your wardrobe and try planning outfits with a coloured bag in mind. I think this tri-colour burgundy, pink and beige mini rectangle flap is chic and unexpected.

Alternative materials such as tweed, velvet, and sequin bags are sometimes a deal. Once again, this isn’t something I would use for an everyday bag, but if you’re looking for an occasional bag these are worth a look.

Maxi flaps, the largest size of the classic Chanel flaps is a bit unloved these days. If you are after a classic colour like beige or black, it should be easy to find under £3,000 in the maxi size. I do feel this bag is just a touch too large for nighttime use but can be a great day bag.

2.55 flaps are quite cool. They have a bit of an edgier vibe, but still feature the signature classic flap shape and quilting.

Vintage bags can provide savings as well. The iconic Diana flap bag is a cult collector’s item.

Top Tips

🌈 Go for colour!

📦 Think outside the box. Patent leather and cloth materials can be unique and beautiful options, particularly if you’re looking for a special occasion piece

🤝 Remember certain platforms allow you to negotiate the price with the seller. Respectfully and thoughtfully contact the seller to see if they’re open to a bit of a discount

🚨 Once you settle on what you’re looking for, set up search alerts based on your criteria. For example, pink velvet Chanel classic flaps so you receive targeted notifications

Happy Hunting

Below is my selection of pre-loved Chanel bags for sale under £2,500 Remember, the listed prices are a starting point. If buying on Vestiaire you can often negotiate with the buyer. You can’t haggle on Fashionphile, but look out for promotions and sales.

Shop the Post

Authentic Chanel Mini Classic Flap Three Colour Burgundy, Pink and Beige
Metallic Lambskin Quilted Mini Rectangular Flap Silver
CHANEL 2.55 Quilted Double Flap Red Reissue chain bag Jumbo Size Red Pre-Loved on Vestiaire Collective
Chanel Timeless jumbo Black & Bordeaux Quilted Flap Bag Pre-Loved on Vestiaire
Chanel Jumbo Double Flap in Beige Patent Leather Pre-Loved on Vestiaire Collective
Chanel Beige Quilted Lambskin Leather Flap Shoulder Bag
Chanel Pre-Loved CC Logo Caviar Single Flap Bag in Burgundy Crossbody Pre-Loved on Vestiaire
Chanel Mini Square Beige Patent Leather Bag with Silver Hardware Pre-Loved on Vestiaire
Chanel Vintage Mini Square Flap Bag Turquoise with Gold Hardware Pre-Loved on Vestiaire
Chanel Timeless/Classique Green Leather Handbags
Chanel Mini Square Patent Leather Khaki Oliver Green Pre-Loved on Vestiaire Collective
CHANEL Vintage Diana Flap Bag Quilted Patent Medium
Chanel Blue Chevron Mini Rectangle with Gold Hardware Pre-Loved on Vestiaire
Chanel 2.55 Burgundy Leather Handbags
Chanel Timeless/Classique Blue Patent leather Handbags
Chanel Timeless/Classique Gold Leather Handbags
Chanel black Leather Handbags
Chanel Half Moon Wallet on Chain WOC Burgundy Oxblood Velvet Pre-Loved on Vestiaire
Chanel Red Filigree Flap Bag Pre-Loved on Vestiaire Collective
Chanel Timeless/Classique Green Patent leather Handbags
1997 stitched CC logos shoulder bag
Sequin Lambskin Medium Moonlight On Water Flap Black



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